Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.
— John C Maxwell

Create environments where employees are more engaged

In our fast-paced, instantaneous and technologically driven world we focus on employees thriving in the workplace rather than dragging themselves through the day and declaring wearily at the end "I've just survived another day!"

We champion workplaces to create environments where employees are more engaged, more productive and achieve greater output through a range of packges highlighted below.

Corporate Packages

Well-being Audit

The first step to building an effective and cost-efficient health and well-being strategy is to understand your starting point and this is precisely what we help you to do. 

The Well-being Audit is an assessment that measures workplace, team and employee wellbeing and resilience.  It allows you to identify the key health and well-being objectives and priorities for your organisation, providing clarity of direction so you can channel your budget towards those areas that need the most support. Thereby reducing the risks of impacting on engagement and performance. The effects of stress and elevated levels of stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline, can affect thought processes and a knock on effect on delivering change and leading.

Corporate Well-being Workshops

Our health and well-being workshops aim to improve the energy and performance of your employees and create sustainable working environments.

Our workshops are dynamic, highly interactive, experential, fun and engaging, whilst also being informative and educational - just how we like our work environment!

We provide support and resources for either field-based employees who are hard to reach or employees who wish to explore the subject areas further following their workshops.

Our workshops range from 1hr lunchtime 'WOW-WERS' to day or multiple day workshops

Although not exhaustive, the following list of corporate workshops provides an outline of what we have previously offered our clients. We relish the opportunity to collaborate with companies to tailor specific workshops for their teams.

Stress ManagemenT & creating balance


concentration & focus

connection and communication

integrity & authenticity

attitude or gratitude in the workplace

work/life audits

cultivating mindfulness in the workplace

importance of sleep for performance

workplace compassion and awareness


Performance Coaching

We offer one to one performance coaching for your employees, that will empower them to truly excel and thrive at work. They will learn how to increase a healthy engagement at work and increase their productivity while maintaining a good balance with their personal life and ensuring their well-being and energy remains optimum. Performance coaching is a hugely dynamic tool for your employees and an excellent way to invest in them, their well-being and their ability to thrive and for you as a business to retain your valuable assets. 

— Richard Branson

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Personal Coaching facilitates you to identify what is important to you and empowers you to create the tools to 'do life better'.


Workshops create shared learning opportunities in a supportive environment, surrounded by those who have a common understanding.